Nursing Schools in California (CA)

Written by NS StaffJune 30, 2011

California nursing schools are considered some of the highest quality medical certificate and degree programs in the country, which coincides with the Golden State's dedication to providing affordable and quality healthcare services to its citizens.

To ensure top-quality medical care for all people, California state law requires that nurse practitioners must meet all of California's nursing education requirements and pass California's nursing licensing examination in order to practice medicine in the state.

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California may be famous for its beautiful beaches, surfing, mountains, skiing, and Hollywood, but it is equally proud of its CA nursing schools, as they turn out some of the finest new nursing graduates in the nation. Find out how you can be one of them. You can earn a nursing degree in virtually any major city in California including San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and the the greater Los Angeles area.

Programs to Consider:


Like many other U.S. states, California is now heavily recruiting trained nurses - including RNs, CNAs, LVNs, LPNs, and APNs - to keep up with the healthcare needs of CA citizens. The state's overall population continues to grow, and the number of senior citizens 65 years and older is also increasing. This growth, coupled with an aging nurse workforce that is nearing retirement, has created and will continue to create many job opportunities for California nursing school graduates.

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