Nursing Schools in Georgia (GA)

Written by NS StaffJuly 21, 2011

When you hear "Georgia" you may think of southern belles and Civil War history. Georgia is far more than historical sites such as the healing Warm Springs where President Franklin Roosevelt spent his time. Atlanta is the hub for all transportation in the South and the home for major corporations such as Coca-Cola and Turner Broadcasting. Hampton, which is just outside of Atlanta, draws NASCAR fans to the Atlanta Motor Speedway, and baseball enthusiasts pay their respects at the Ty Cobb Museum in Royston.

Georgia also provides an excellent setting to study for your nursing degree. Georgia nursing schools, such as the University of Phoenix, offers nursing training for both new and experienced nursing professionals. The school’s Columbus and Savannah campuses both offer RN-to-BSN training for experienced registered nurses to enhance their professional skills and broaden their career horizons.

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Schools to consider:

Nursing is a fantastic career choice in Georgia, as Georgia offers its professionals great job security in a growing field, flexible work schedules, and the chance to make a difference in their community. While Georgia nursing jobs exist across the board, there’s new demand in fields like women’s health care, nurse-midwifery, occupational health, forensic nursing, psychiatric nursing, and alcohol and drug abuse treatment. Georgia nurses can work in rural towns, urban centers, suburban communities, and even overseas. Georgia nurse salaries range according to experience, location, and other factors. A registered nurse in Atlanta earns on average between $54,000 and $64,000.

Georgia has taken a proactive stance to the state’s nursing shortage by meeting with all medical organizations and unions to share process ideas and new treatments. The Georgia Nurses Association and the state’s Health Care Workforce Policy Advisory Committee are just two of the Georgia health care organizations working to find long-term solutions to the Georgia nursing shortage.

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