We've reviewed huge numbers of nursing schools from California to New York and everywhere in between.

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August 12, 2011

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Are you looking for Arizona nursing schools, Hawaii nursing training, or nursing schools in Louisiana? Whether you are seeking something close to home or thinking of starting your nursing career elsewhere, you can find the information you need on nurse training programs here. Our comprehensive nursing school list includes everything from Western Career College and other top nursing schools in California to Florida nursing schools like Gulf Coast College and Virginia College. If you want to study nursing in the Midwest, find out more about Missouri nursing schools like the Sanford-Brown College in St. Charles or great Ohio nursing schools. 

We reviewed countless nursing programs from California to New York and everywhere in between, so you can train to be a nurse in your area. Click your state in the map below for a complete listing of the nursing schools we have found near you. Find programs with degrees for registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, and more.

If you have already completed your nurse studies and want to get an advanced nursing degree to expand your career options, don't forget to check out the exciting continuing education Online Nursing Programs. These Internet nursing degrees are popular with working RN nurses looking to advance their skills. Request information from any one of these featured nursing schools and advance your nursing career today.


Below is a list of Ohio schools and colleges that offer nursing and nursing related programs:


Vermont is known for its maple syrup, minerals, and quiet country lanes. Visitors come from across the country to watch the leaves change color in the fall. Small town life meets city convenience in Burlington and Essex. Registered nurses living in Burlington make an average salary of $52,000.

South Dakota

South Dakota does everything big. From Mt. Rushmore to the still in the works monument to Crazy Horse being blasted into a hill. Deadwood, recently the background for an HBO series, was made famous as the place Wild Bill Hickok was killed. Sioux Falls and Rapid City offer big-city conveniences with easy access to the peace of nature. South Dakota is among the Compact states, which means nurses from other Compact states can practice without needing to be relicensed, unless there are extenuating circumstances.


Wyoming's wide, open spaces draw adventure seekers and people looking for a little peace and quiet. Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park bring visitors all year.

West Virginia

Nicknamed the Mountain State, West Virginia has more than a million acres of land set aside for preservation. West Virginia is a leader in steel, aluminum, and chemical manufacturing. Small town life is the way of things even in the state capital, Charleston. Registered nurses in Charleston can earn an average of $52,000 a year in West Virginia. But, as with many of the smaller states, nurses in West Virginia often choose to be licensed in bordering states. Find free information on nursing schools in West Virginia below.


Potatoes. Idaho is known for its potatoes. But there is much more to the state that is also home to famed winter ski resorts such as Sun Valley, and gorgeous vistas from the Rocky Mountains. Boise, the largest, and best known, city in Idaho is growing with the high-technology sector. Idaho is one of the Compact states, meaning they will accept nursing licenses from any other Compact state. Follow the links below to learn more about starting your nursing education in Idaho!

North Dakota

North Dakota may have an image of cowboys and the Old West, but it is more than that. Native Americans, Scandinavians, and other explorers have created a stated that mixes history with creativity, folk tales with folk art.


Alaska isn't all Eskimos and igloos. The largest state in the nation, Alaska is prized for its natural beauty and seemingly endless resources. Downtown Anchorage is a thriving metropolitan area and the cost of living is rather high. Nursing is an important occupation in Alaska. According to Salary.com, a staff nurse in Anchorage earns a median income of $64,743 per year.


From Yellowstone to Glacier National Park, Montana is a place of grand exploration. Called "Big Sky Country," the state offers beauty and relaxation. Billings is the largest city, but, as with the other cities in Montana, holds on to the feel of the wide, open spaces. Montana is one of the states in most need of nurses. An RN in Helena, the state capital can expect to make an average of $50,000.


If you like lobsters and forests that seem to go on forever, Maine is your kind of state. Maine is a popular summer destination for a relaxing beach atmosphere. Portland, Maine's largest city, is home to a quarter of the state's population and has a booming economy without the traffic jams that normally accompany a good economy. Nurses from other Compact states will find Maine welcoming of their out of state licenses. Ready for eating lobster any time you want?


Iowa is probably as well known now for its vast fields of corn as it is for the film "Field of Dreams." Bordered by the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, the state is a major agricultural supplier for the country. Des Moines is home to a collection of festivals and events throughout the year. Iowa is part of the Compact, which allows nurses from other Compact states to practice without extra licensing requirements.


Wisconsin is known for a certain football team, cheese production, and beer. The land was found to be too rocky for much agriculture, but was ideal for cattle and milk production. Miller Brewing Co. is based in Wisconsin's largest city, Milwaukee. Wisconsin is part of the Compact, which allows nurses from other Compact states to practice without extra licensing requirements. Find free information about nursing schools in Wisconsin below!


Aloha! Beaches, hula dancers, and volcanoes may be the first things you think of Hawaii. The chain of islands and islets hold on to their history as a sovereign nation while embracing new technology from the mainland. Honolulu is significantly larger than other cities, all of which are surrounded by forests and other natural attractions. The Hawaii's Nurses Association supports the state's 3,500 registered nurses who make an average of $61,000 a year. Check out the schools below to experience life in a tropical paradise.

New Mexico

New Mexico leads the nation in energy research through Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory and Sandia Laboratories. Cave explorers flock to the Carlsbad Caverns. Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico, but Santa Fe is the state capital. New Mexico is among the Compact states, which means nurses from other Compact states can practice without needing to be relicensed, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Start your nursing career with one of the schools below.


Kansas isn't just home to twisters and Dorothy Gale. Wheat fields and oil derricks share a landscape that seems to go on forever. Considered part of America's Heartland, the mineral and agricultural industries keep the sleepy towns and large cities buzzing. Topeka is the state capital, however Wichita is the most populous city. The Kansas State Board of Nursing allows the 30 required hours to be earned through independent study as long as it has been pre-approved by a state board. You can learn more about your career in nursing by following the links below.


Minnesota is more than cold winters. Prized for its natural beauty and seemingly endless resources, the state draws explorers from all over. The "twin cities" of Minneapolis and St. Paul are the trade centers of the Midwest, while the Mayo Clinic draws researchers to Rochester. The Minnesota Nurses' Association is made up of more than 17,000 registered nurses. The RNs in Minneapolis-St. Paul make an average of $56,000. Find free information about beginning your nursing career through the links below.


Whether you want the beauty of rugged mountains, relaxing beaches, or inspiring art, Oregon is the state for you. Lewis and Clark explored the area in 1805, but new areas in the mountains and along the shore are waiting to be found. Ashland is famed for its yearly Shakespeare festival. Currently Oregon has a shortage of public health, acute care, nursing education, and long-term care nurses, according to the Oregon State Board of Nursing. Find free information on Oregon nursing schools below.


Nebraska, nicknamed the Cornhusker State, is prized for its food and grain production. Unlike other states, Nebraska's legislators do not belong to political parties. Just north of Alliance, you will find Carhenge—a replica of Stonehenge, made out of American cars. Nebraska is part of the Compact, which allows nurses from other Compact states to practice without extra licensing requirements.


Home of the 42nd President, Bill Clinton, Arkansas is prized for its lush Ozark mountains and ties to its history. Vacationers and locals soak up some alternative healing in the Hot Springs National Park. Arkansas is another state that supports the Compact agreement for registered nurses and LV/PNs.


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program enhances the foundation in the biological, physical, and social sciences through an instructional program with behavioral objectives that concentrate on the development of the nurse's role as caregiver, teacher, and manager of care. Utilizing a self-care framework, working registered nurses are prepared as generalists who are able to apply professional skills and knowledge to nursing, clients, and health care systems.