Medical Laboratory Technician

Written by NS StaffJuly 20, 2011
Medical Lab Technician

Were you the kid who always wanted to know how things were made? If so, then you should consider a career as a medical lab technician. This isn't a career for the squeamish. You will be handling blood and other bodily fluids. But, if blood and needles don't scare you, you'll find a career that rewards you by helping countless patients keep track of their health.

As a lab technician, you'll work for a senior lab technologist and doctors. You will spend much of your time with a microscope looking for bacteria or other organisms. At other times, you may help collect specimens from patients. You can find work in hospitals, clinics, and private labs.

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Schools to consider: 

You can earn your certificate after a one to two year program through a trade school or community college. Unlike many of the other programs, however, these classes are much more focused on chemistry and pathology than basic physical biology.

We've listed below some of the schools we recommend across the United States and Canada. Request free information from one of the schools below and start your education today!

Medical Laboratory Technician Schools:

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