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Men in Nursing

Written by NS StaffJuly 20, 2011
Men Nurses

Nursing isn't just "women's work." Women's liberation works both ways in nursing. More men enroll in nursing school every year. In fact, the 2000 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses found that men made up nearly 5.4 percent of registered nurses in the US. That number is expected to grow.

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There is a misconception that men should be doctors and women should be nurses. In fact, male nurses are just as skilled at helping patients as nurses, and not just because men are stronger. (That rarely comes into consideration, really.) A large majority of men who turn to nursing, do it after working in other high-stress positions such as policeman or fireman. So, they are alreadyaccustomed to emergencies and calming people in distress.

Jobs are available to male nurses in every area and subspecialty. Assisted-living facilities, homes, schools, clinics, and hospitals have as much a need for male nurses as female nurses. Male nurses can find positions as a traveling nurse, home care nurse, radiology technician, or any other discipline.

Change doesn't come quickly to all areas of medicine. Even as new treatments are being devised, the ratio of men and women is uneven. But, change is happening. Men are finding their place in nursing school and the hospital floor. So will you.

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