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Nursing Schools in Missouri (MO)

Written by NS StaffJuly 14, 2011

Called "the gateway to the west," Missouri is perhaps best known for the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, the St. Louis Arch represents the city’s important role in American history. St. Louis was the beginning location for the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which was charged with exploring the territory acquired by the United States in the Louisiana Transfer of 1804. President Truman, Daniel Boone, Jesse James, and a number of other people who have lent a lot to US history come from Missouri. Kansas City and St. Louis draw people who have a taste for adventure and change.

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Registered nurses in St. Louis and Springfield, MO make an average annual salary of $55,000, and Kansas City RNs earn an average of about $58,000. Missouri nursing salaries vary depending on experience, duties, location, and timetable. There’s currently significant demand for Missouri nurses. Through 2010, experts project annual average job openings of 9,380 Missouri RN positions; 1,170 Missouri LPN positions; and 2,530 MO home health aide positions, making these among the hottest career paths in Missouri.

The demand for nurses in Missouri not only means better job security and advancement opportunities for MO nurses. It has also led to the development of many federal, state, and local nurse scholarship programs. For example, The Missouri League for Nursing offers three scholarships for prospective nursing students. Many scholarship applications need to be submitted through a Missouri nursing school, so be sure to ask about financial aid and scholarships when you contact MO nursing schools for enrollment information.

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