Nursing Schools in New Jersey (NJ)

Written by NS StaffJuly 20, 2011
New Jersey

New Jersey is a part of the Interstate Nurse Licensure Compact, making a NJ nursing school degree even more valuable. Licensed New Jersey nurses will have the opportunity to practice medicine in New Jersey as well as almost 20 other states in the U.S.. Whether it's working as a travel nurse or commuting to Delaware, New Jersey nursing degrees and licensing now open the door to a whole new job market.

It is highly likely that the interstate nurse licensing compact will lead to an additional influx of potential new nursing students, and NJ nursing schools are expanding their educational curriculum for their nursing and medical assistant training programs. But it's not only the expanded work opportunities that draw people to study nursing in New Jersey. With more than 20% of New Jersey being quiet farmlands and beautiful ocean-front boardwalks, and scenic areas like the Appalachian Highland region or the Kittatinny Mountains also offering great escapes from the city, there's a lot to enjoy during the spare moments. For those looking for more action, the Delaware River from Pennsylvania is close by for exploring, or they can stay in-state and check out Atlantic City or the famous Meadowlands.

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