Profile of a Nurse

Written by NS StaffJuly 30, 2011

Mary Poppins was practically perfect in every way. As a nurse, you'll need to be that and more. You know that nursing requires a lot of compassion. But, did you know that you will also need enough energy to equal a superhero? A nurse needs to be able to care for his/her patients, make sure the doctor's orders are followed, keep track of lab results, calm stressed family members, and document everything.

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There won't be many chances to say "no" as a nurse. It may sound like a cliché, but you will need a "can do" attitude. Someone's life is in your hands. The patient needs to believe you are sure of yourself. It sometimes takes a bit of acting. But by treating a patient as if they will live, the patient will feel better and just may get better.

Patience is important in nursing, too. You will have some patients who are angry. Not angry at you, but at their illness. However, you will be the person they see every day, so they will lash out at you. Don't take it personally, but also don't ignore them. They may give you early warnings of serious health problems.

As a nurse, you will also face stress from doctors, your environment and health issues, and your home life. Doctors can be very tough on you. This will call upon your unlimited energy. The doctors will expect you to run extra tests and treatments during your already overbooked time.

You will need to always be aware of potential diseases your patients might have. Tuberculosis and antibiotic-resistant diseases will surround you. If you're careful, you'll be fine, but you need to stay vigilant.

The last important thing you need to keep in mind is your home life. You can be the world's perfect nurse. But, if you don't keep some time to yourself, your energy won't last forever. Go out and have fun. Spend time recharging your energy so you can better focus at work.

See a list of schools/colleges offering nursing programs

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