Patient Care Technician

Written by NS StaffJuly 15, 2011
Patient Care Technician

If you want to spend more time with patients than paperwork, consider a career as a patient care technician. Sometimes called a nursing assistant, sometimes called a patient care technician, the position calls for people who can balance complicated medical requests and patients who might be scared or confused. You will work under the supervision of a registered nurse or doctor in a hospital, assisted-living facility, clinic, or home.

To become a patient care technician, can take a six to 12 week course through a local trade school, community college, or local hospital. After the classes on basic health care and some internship work, you will take a certification exam.

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Your top priority as a patient care technician is to support the physical and emotional daily-care needs of a patient. While much of the work-bathing, feeding, recording life signs-isn't as fancy as some other positions; it is the position that often makes the greatest impact on the patient.


Schools to consider: