Surgical Technician

Written by NS StaffJuly 20, 2011
Surgical Technology

Television hospital dramas often show the operating room clean and prepared with every instrument. But, in reality, who is in charge of ensuring that operations go off without a hitch? That person would be the surgical technician. If you are the type of person who is interested in working in the medical field and believes that it is always best to be organized, this may be the position for you.

Surgical technicians prepare operating rooms by setting up the instruments and ensuring the room remains sterile. A surgical technician takes note of all instruments used and assists the surgeon with some equipment such as the suction machine. After the surgery, surgical techs place the sterile dressing on the patient.

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Schools to consider: 

You can earn a surgical technician certificate after a one to two year program through a community college or trade school. In school, you will learn basic biology and other medical information, and you will also get hands-on training in managing surgical instruments. It is recommended that you take the full two-year program, which will result in obtaining an associate's degree. A certificate after one year will limit your job opportunities.