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Top 5 Careers in Nursing

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Written by NS StaffJuly 21, 2011

The field of nursing is not only a huge industry but a growing one as well. Nursing jobs are becoming more and more specialized resulting in more positions being created and needing qualified nursing school graduates to fill them. Here are some details on five sub-category nursing fields that offer many positions therein. Find out which one is right for you!

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Schools to consider: 

Military Nursing
If you have ever thought about serving your country, you can now do so while furthering your career in the nursing profession. Enlisting in the military as a nursing school graduate has many benefits including travel opportunities, financial aid, bonuses and low-cost housing. Not only will you get to help others in need, you will also gain a sense of pride from this patriotic duty.

Surgical Nursing
Becoming a surgical nurse will allow you to work closely with patients as well as surgeons. In addition to serving as a right hand during surgical procedures, you will prep patients for surgery, track their progress post-surgery and help to answer any questions the patient or his family may have. An ability to converse and listen to people is a must in this job and nursing school grads with people skills should definitely consider these positions.

Forensic Nursing
Every time a victim of abuse or assault comes into an emergency room, it is the forensic nurse who comes to their aid. The main objective for a forensic nurse is to collect evidence of a crime from a living victim. Because forensic nurses deal so closely with victims of violence, it is important for them to have counseling skills. They also must be prepared to deliver court testimony in criminal cases.

Travel Nursing
Because nursing school graduates are in such high demand, they can find a job virtually anywhere. However, many hospitals have need for short-term nursing which can be anywhere from eight to 26 weeks. Taking on these short-term contracts could lead to some exciting travel opportunities, which would be perfect for those who are single and do not yet have obligations to a family. Some of these contracts include free housing or bonuses for completing a contract.

Legal Nurse Consulting
Legal nurse consultants work for law firms, government agencies, health insurance companies and other organizations. Their job is to investigate cases that deal with malpractice, personal injury or product liability by analyzing medical records and other pieces of evidence. Once they gather enough evidence for the case, they will often have to testify to their findings in court. Nursing school graduates who have a keen eye for detail and a natural curiosity would do well in these jobs.

See a list of schools/colleges offering nursing programs