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Written by NS StaffJuly 20, 2011

Chicago called to you after nursing school. You wanted to work in a busy hospital where your skills would be put to the test. You also wanted to live in a city that could give you exciting new experiences around every corner. So, you signed up with a travel nursing agency to find openings in one of the many hospitals in the city.

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But, why did you sign up with an agency instead of applying through the hospitals? You know you don't want to settle down just yet. Sure, you want to be a nurse, to save lives; but you also want to see the world. Instead of applying to new hospitals and other care facilities every time you want to move, you can simply register with travel nursing companies. As with other placement agencies, travel nursing agencies offer medical insurance, 401(k) plans, and other prime benefits.

With these agencies, you can stay in Chicago until St. Patrick's Day (because you have always wanted to see a green river). Then you can go to a small town in Kentucky or work for a clinic near the Santa Monica, CA, beach.

As you travel, you'll get a chance to work with the top nurses and physicians in the field. You'll learn new techniques, and will be able to share what you have learned at your next placement. You'll be able to work in major hospitals, assisted-living facilities, other medical-care clinics, and in patients' homes. You'll find out how you best can help your patients.

So, pick some locations you would love to see. Then register with travel nursing agencies. These agencies can help you see the world while you save lives.

See a list of schools/colleges offering nursing programs

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